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Vegetable ghee & sesame oil (notified by the Netherlands)

Glycidyl esters (GE) are compounds formed usually when refining vegetable oils at high temperatures, approx. 200°C. They may occur in margarines and vegetable oils, but also in low levels in bread, biscuits and malt based food ingredients.

Glycidyl fatty acid esters (GEs), one of the main contaminants in processed oils, are mainly formed during the deodorization step in the refining process of edible oils and therefore occur in almost all refined edible oils. GEs are potential carcinogens, due to the fact that they readily hydrolyze into the free form glycidol in the gastrointestinal tract, which has been found to induce tumors in various rat tissues. Furthermore, glycidol has already been identified as a “possible human carcinogen’’ (group 2A) by the Intl. Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). 

QTI Services offers 8,24 and 48 hrs services on testing 3mcpd-2mcpd-glycidyl esters.